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If we talk about the past few years, then these can be termed Golden Days. These were days of Black and White TV filled with a colourful society and its redness of love mixed with prosperity and loyalty, but these are being lost nowadays, maybe due to the hassles of life or this digitalized colour. Here, I draw your attention to a few points:

  • Disappearing of A Caring Society
  • Seriously Growing Fast
  • The Ignorance

The Disappearing of A Caring Society

Grown with time, I found that society started making frowns when it is needed the most. Have we lost our helpful culture of being neighbours or neglecting a neighbourhood due to the lack of time? While making thousands of money within hours in this digital generation.

Yeah, we might be lost, but how long? That’s a question. Is it going to kill the helpful behaviour of humans? That is my concern.

Seriously Growing Fast

Everybody is running in a money-making race. Sometimes 9–5ers are just thinking about the 2nd profession while earning enough amount. They want to fill the figure line. Have you all forgotten your days?

That was our time when elders spent time with the youngsters and used to teach them with love and care.

Here I ask. Are we capable to time with our loved ones? Who is just waiting for us after school, gazing at the clock needle and simultaneously staring at the doorframe with their waving eyes on the street? And we are just making money. Is it really going to grow fast? If yes, then for whom?

The Ignorance

Those who loved us most and spent their whole life to bear our wishes bills. Yes, you are thinking right. It is about our parents and guardians. They spent the nights and days taking care of us and always told us we were their wealth.

Now table must turn to them. But is it really happening?

Yeah, Maybe not. Because we are tied within the boundaries to fulfil our wishing bills. It might be for several more years or maybe the whole life. But what? If one day we found them tied in a pitcher?



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